Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Author, JL Michell’s 5 Star Review says, “Fascinating!”

"Paula Rose Michelson's novel, 'No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles' is simply fascinating as you read about Naomi's world. This fifteen-year old Jewish girl 'knew she was in trouble the moment that the immigration official told her he was taking her to Ellis Island.' I could feel the waves hitting the ship as Naomi closed her eyes, as she thought back to the day that the old woman died, and Naomi could still hear herself scream, "Abuela Sosa, please do not be dead."

As I read the pages of ‘No Other Choice’, I felt like I was there, too. In the boat, 'Naomi kept still, not even opening her eyes to look at the Statue of Liberty, as her thoughts traveled back to the moment she sobbed and sobbed as she tried to shake the old woman awake, while the old woman's daughter-in-law was packing Naomi's suitcase, the young girl screamed, "I gave you a year of my life because you promised you'd help me enter America and search for my uncle.'”

This author has a knack for the written word and makes you feel like you're in the scene, taking every step they're taking, even to the point of hearing the click of the suitcase as the daughter-in-law rushed the young girl away!

When the old boat docked, Naomi opened her eyes as a man grabbed her arm and hurried her into a building down a dark corridor. The immigration office shuts down at 5 pm, the workers were in a hurry to get home and they did not know what to do with Naomi. An elderly lady named Tia handcuffs Naomi to her arm and takes her to live at her `casa' to work for her the next five years. 

Did Naomi stay?

Get your copy to see what happened in the story - did God have a plan for her? Did she meet her soul mate, if so, what secret did she hide from him? Wonderful messages within the pages, a beautiful read! Great job, Author Paula Rose Michelson! God certainly loves us all!"  http://amzn.to/1tN7hEp

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