Thursday, December 4, 2014


I love sharing great info! And today, while a nonfiction author friend was sharing her journey with me, she mentioned a blog where authors...award winning Christian authors have posted links to information I've been looking for. 

As an Indie Author, I've been sadly aware that I'm not a PR guru, for I don't have the know how to let readers know about my books. As odd as it may seem today's topic for my 'Just FRIENDS' Facebook Group was 'Marketing'. A few successful authors dropped by to share and their suggestions were one's I knew of and done. 

However, having decided to publish in E-book format what I needed was a marketing plan for doing something I didn't know how to do. I'd tried everything I knew and was amazed and blessed when three of my books: 'No Other Choice' a romance, 'How Did We Become Angry?' self-help, and 'From Why Johnny Can't Read' to "See Paula Write' a 12 page memoir written to encourage made Amazon's Top 100 List several times. 

Yet being unable to understand how to become visible for more than a nanosecond, I knew I needed information. Since Social Media seemed to be the logical solution, I spent more time and... I finally had to admit that I didn't know diddly! 

In this case the blessings flowed both ways! For while helping my author friend; she gave me the link to a blog where many of 13 Christian Fiction Award Winning Authors shared what was looking for! 

'The Best Archives' section  is loaded with info on how to market and links to other resources, which I've downloaded for free, or bought! An incredible blessing!

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    1. You're very welcome!

      I"m still learning and love when, I'm able to pass along info others have blessed me with.

      I hope that this will be helpful to many.