Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Though it’s the Anniversary of 9-11; Ukiah Here I Come!

God is good, all the time! I love saying, writing, and singing these words because they are true! Yes! These six words are true all the time!

If the words sited above were not true, knowing that tomorrow it will be exactly 13 years since the Twin Towers and Pentagon were hit by al-Quida terrorists, and thousands of people died. That a few hours later United Airlines flight 93 crashed while passengers tried to take control from the al-Qaeda hijackers, thus choosing to crashed the plane to stop the terrorist from hitting the Whitehouse, or The World Trade Center, which is what information gathered at the crash site revealed they would hit; I would stay home.   

But God did not call those who believe in Him to fear! He, God Almighty, called us to faith for in 2 Corinthians 5:7, we read...we live by faith, not by sight. Furthermore, I take comfort for in Psalm 64:10, which tells me to...rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in him...

Because of these two Scriptures, I can exclaim though I now realize that I will be flying on the 13th anniversary of 9-11, that I will go where I am called, and do as I am asked to the best of my ability, so Ukiah...and Barbara T. Marshall, here I come!

I do not go because I asked to be interviewed for Barbara's amazing "Love Your Life Ministries" television show, and I am not speaking at her annual donor thank you event because I am a great orator.

I go because I was invited to speak about things that are near and dear to my heart. My prayer is that when speaking, people see Messiah, and when sharing with Barbara about being a Messianic Jew, she experiences what I did. For having sat under godly teachers, I know that it was when Ron became a field missionary with Chosen People Ministries that we both began studying the Bible from a Messianic perspective. God gifted each of use a greater understanding of Yeshua's (Jesus's) teachings and biblical events. Since then each of us has been called to share what we know: Ron is now a Lutheran Pastor, and I, as many of you know, write because of God's anointing fiction and nonfiction that points to Messiah.

Please pray that as I speak, teach, and interact with those I meet, they will see Messiah (Christ). Until next time, may God's blessings and His shalom, which transcends all understanding be yours. And please join me in praying that America makes t'shuvah, which in Hebrew means 'to turn' to God again.

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