Saturday, September 27, 2014

NOW #99Cents! Purple and the 'Commonality of Individuality'

Known to be the color that symbolized imperial power, royalty, or a high office, for centuries purple was the hardest color to make and therefore the most expensive to buy. Used as both a literary device such as ‘purple language’, which is profane or shocking and often juxtaposed to denote excessively ornate language, today the use of the word ‘purple’ can denote  extremely  potent marijuana buds  that have a purple hue to them. 
This uniquely set apart color, sought after, admired, and thought for some of as the highest order of 'noblesse obilge', was for previous generations of the wealthy or people of high social rank identified within their circles as a color that unified them in an unvoiced tenant taught to those who founded our country: that those who have should help those who do not. 
Purple, that blending of red and blue which creates any hue between violet and red, is a perfect metaphor for America, the 'melting pot' of the world. Coined in the 1780's, this melting- together metaphor denoted the transition from a heterogeneous society to a more inclusive one because people living close to each other 'melded together'. For the most part various ethnicities found a way to blend into a common culture where their differences were recognized as a uniquely American asset that one might call which made the United States strong. 

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About the Author
Paula Rose Michelson began her writing career at fifteen when this reluctant teen was told by her mother that she would be writing a weekly ‘Teen Scene’ column for a San Diego paper. Thinking it a joke, Paula soon discovered that her mother was serious when she found herself researching events she did not attend so she could write about them. Weekly, when asked if she’d like to read her Friday column, the teenager shook her head and from that day to this wonders if she made it all up. Now lauded as an author of merit for writing about choices, their consequences, and her passion for becoming that’s found within each book and is the one word that defines her, Paula said, “Where would any of us be if it weren’t for choices made and lessons learned?”

Known as the author of the LAMB Ministry 7X7 Recovery books, and by fiction lovers as the author of sweet Christian romance with a Messianic twist and a hint of history, her ‘Naomi Chronicles’ are a continuation of Naomi’s faith journey which readers fell in love with when they read Books 1 & 2 of the ‘Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing’ Saga.

A Messianic Jew, the wife of Chosen People Ministries Field Missionary, and Lutheran Pastor, Ron Michelson, and one who writes to fulfill the Great Commission, Paula has seen God change lives when people believe in and call upon Him. This mother of two married daughters, Paula is the grandmother of seven.

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