Friday, September 26, 2014

Holiday in Bologna is a Five Star Delight!

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"A hauntingly beautiful love story that will weave its way into your heart and not depart!

I must admit at the onset of this review that I'd had a couple of rough weeks, and knew that I need to escape. Aware that a Lindsay Townsend novel would take me away as no other author of romance does, I was blessed to discover that ‘Holiday in Bologna’ had much more to offer than a brief love tryst, which, I might add is one of the reasons I love this authors work!

This time I was thrust into the life of a young woman, who while eager to connect with the family that disowned her late father, travels to a foreign country, finds herself falling in love, yet wonders if what she is feeling is love or a longing to belong. Within this family of strangers there is danger, tension, need, and greed. But will Heidi's yearning heart’s desire prove true?

Will Marco and Artemisia be revealed or will Stefano allow all he has worked for, even the family that chose him to lose everything, or can he overcome his being different than they are, help him understand that he is loved, and love in return. And if he does, will he chose Heidi, and will she say yes?" - Reviewed by author, Paula Rose Michelson

When asked about this Strand Mainstream Romance, Lindsay Townsend said, "I spent time with my husband in Northern Itally and we both fell in love with the region. Writing "Holiday in Bologna" is my homage to the city. The incident of  hearing someone play the bagpipes in one of the gardens as we climbed to the sanctuary of San Luca really happens, to!"


Image of Lindsay TownsendAbout the Author
Lindsay Townsend's books are mostly historical romance set in medieval England, ancient Rome or ancient Egypt and also writes romantic suspense and historical mysteries. 

Paula Rose Michelson's Comment

I love Lindsay's sweet romance’s and recommend them to you. Since this author also writes more explicit books for those who want more realism, do read a sample to make sure the book you've chosen is the one you'll enjoy!

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