Friday, December 20, 2013

The Height of Possibilities, the Breath of Fear, a Crucible of Becoming! My 5 Star Review!

Captivated by author, Julia Gousseva’s ability to paint pictures that materialized in my mind, images of Moscow Dreams will forever be part of my internal landscape. Nowhere before had, I read, "Sunshine squeezed in between buildings." As an author it had never occurred to me that a summer rain could come on so suddenly that one could see, "... raindrops racing each other other to the ground." This wordsmiths ability to write about the ordinary transcends the experience making this a thoroughly unique read!

Julia GoussevaDr. Gousseva continued to demonstrate her mastery of historical fiction with layers of both generational personal and national history woven through the longing of 14 year old, Marina who lives though the fall of the Soviet Union and all that ensues. Juxtaposing what is known with what came before, and the unknown the author shows us the height of possibilities, the breath of fear, a crucible of becoming that each character and every person faces. It is said that for every fiction to succeed the tension must build. Moscow Dreams does this and much, much more! Those looking for an amazing read will be enthralled!

Author Julia Gousseva teaches a college creative writing class online. That she has a breath of knowledge many would love to acquire is a fact, yet she continues to hone her craft, which shows her dedication  to always learn more. 

On a personal note, as I read this thought provoking novel, I found myself thinking about the changes occurring here  that many are not in favor of. I remembered the Passover we celebrated in the spring of 1991 with a family of Russian Jews who, due to the fall of the Union of  Soviet Soviet Socialist  Republics (USSR) had finally been allowed to immigrate to America.  Speaking with them, I realized that what we took for granted, they had never done for fear of being discovered.  Due to this, it is with a happy heart that I say, "Thank you, Dr. Julia Gousseva for showing us that dreams can survive. And lastly, bless you for illuminating the human condition!"


  1. Thank you very much, Paula!!!

  2. Julia,

    As always, for this reader who writes to find a author to emulate, writing and posting the review was a joy because your work resonated within my heart and taught me more than I can convey!