Friday, December 6, 2013

My 5* Review of "En Garde" An E-Ticket Read/Ride Written in the Steampunk Tradition!

Product DetailsA valiant swordsmen sauntering forth to battle in the weapons bay that seems like something snatched from an English hamlet of Robin Hoods day melded with the highest-teck Star Trek Ship. A fair damsel, a healer, light sabers, names of great literary characters sprinkled throughout that makes one wonder if they’ve stepped into Alice in Wonderland or entered the fifth or maybe the sixth dimension. Words oddly chosen setting ones teeth on edge illustrate the juxtaposition of why illuminating the tension between what we know and don’t in this amazing melee where confusion grabs the reader and pulls them into this otherworldly tail.

Hamburger Fry (the authors name is itself a pseudonym) takes his reader on a quest and, like the Cyrano of old and the one we meet in this book, you’ll have to take the journey of overlapping realities, or is it really fiction, ‘Nay! I think Steampunk Science Fiction!’ to discover what is really real!

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