Saturday, December 21, 2013

A More Deeply Researched Fiction: The Luck of the Weissensteiners

Before I begin my 5 star review of this book, I must share that as a Jew, I not only read "The Diary of Anne Frank," but had the unique opportunity to hear Mr. Frank speak about those days, and buy this timeless classic from him while he was in Los Angles during the filming of this movie. I thought I had read and understood the pre-war effects on the Jews and the hidden, and sometimes not so hidden Anti-Semitisim. Yet within  the first few chapters, I realized that Christoph Fisher's historic fiction, "The Luck of the Weissensteiners" was more deeply researched than any other fiction, and there have been hundreds, that I have read on this time period.  

Until I read this book, I could not fathom, with Anti-Semitisim a prevailing reality, how Jews and non-Jews could ever wed, and the horror that ensued when a spouse chose to dissolve that union and everything tainted by it to survive. Within this touching story I found the answer and experienced a reality I hadn't since I read Anne Frank's book. 

Today we hear about atrocities throughout the world. Yet statesmen seem to want to perpetuate the myth that doing nothing is really doing something. While reading this heartbreaking story of love, fear, prejudice, and betrayal without the usual stereotypes predictable situations, I was reminded that this is what happens when good people turn their back.

This fiction was a wake-up call, for when a President and Congress look at the dollars and cents of intervention instead of the inhumanity of what is concurring, and I read a historical fiction shows us that today's issues become tomorrow's  history, a new standard for writers to aspire to has been achieved, all I can say is, "Well done, Christop Fisher!"

About the Author
Christoph Fischer was born in Germany, near the Austrian border, as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. Not a full local in the eyes and ears of his peers he developed an ambiguous sense of belonging and home in Bavaria. He moved to Hamburg in pursuit of his studies and to lead a life of literary indulgence. After a few years he moved on to the UK where he is still resident today. ‘The Luck of The Weissensteiners’ was published in November 2012; 'Sebastian' in May 2013 and The Black Eagle Inn in October 2013. He has written several other novels which are in the later stages of editing and finalization.

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