Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Courageous, Forthright, Heartrendingly Joyful Truth-teller Speaks!

As someone whose life has been focused on working in recovery, first within the medical system, and the last 26 years within LAMB Ministers (a work born of faith in the healing balm of God’s Word and prayer), I have never read anything so real, so riveting, so compelling as this small book. From the moment I began, I realized that author Rhonda Patton's goal in sharing her journey from fright to light, from house bound to breaking free, from agony to peace in Christ was written for only one purpose, which we read in James 5:16, "...The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective," which is her heart cry so simply said, and I paraphrase. "That you would not have to go through what she did."

I echo her concern and truly hope that no matter whether you think your troubles or you are of no account, reading this book can begin your person journey to freedom.

Rhonda Patton 

About the Author

A Shreveport resident, mother, wife, and daughter, Rhonda Patton is a dear friend. She has a wonderful husband who illustrated the Ted and Raymond Series of children's books and co-wrote the Searching for the Unknown and Spirits of ChesterVille General Store. Beginning with the release of her first Ted and Raymond book "The Croak 500" in 2000, Rhonda continues to inspire kids to be their very best when things may go awry by showing them that life has bumps. 

In "5 Days Free from Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks", Rhonda Patton shows us another side of herself. Having read this slim volume in one hour, I can attest that this caring mom, who lives a life centered on Christ pulls no punches when she shares how she got stuck and how the prayer of believes freed her. If you are searching for answers this is the book for YOU because this mom, and author who writes to show kids a better way is now showing those who are trapped like she was that the only way is through Christ! 


  1. Nicely said ---very powerful when the truth is told to a public eye.

  2. Yes, Paul, we both are blessed to know this amazing woman. Reading Rhonda's book and speaking with her lead me to write the first of seven Christian lay-counseling books filled with the basic things I've taught women suffering from trauma and abuse for the last 26 years.