Friday, November 1, 2013

Your Candle by Paula Rose Michelson

This poem was written in 1999 because I was the key speaker at a Women's Retreat which began on Friday night. Aware that I would share my testimony, I started by lighting the Shabbat candles and then recited the Jewish Shabbat prayer while lighting the Sabbath candles. Then looking at the ladies I called each of them to develop a personal closeness with Messiah (Jesus), so He could  create within each of them a wonderful refection of Himself that all would see. On this Friday Er of Shabbat as you read what I wrote, I pray that Messiah is continually calling you to reflect Him too.

Your Candle 
Each of us has a special spark inside,
That needs to be lit and share with pride.
Not pride in who we are or what we do,
But pride in our Messiah who made our life new.
For just as these candles were shaped by a mold,
God has designed us in a way that is wonderful to behold!

It may take a lifetime to learn to yield our will,
So that God can make us a vessel worthy to fill,
With the pure light of His radiance and grace,
As evidenced by Yeshua who chose to take our place.

He came into this world,
The true light for all to see,
He yielded His life upon that fateful tree.
So as we put the match to the candles wick,
Let us each recall,

That we are but a small reflection of the greatest light of all!

Since we are now in the holiday season and more so to honor the messiah, I have chosen a song sung by Marty Goetz, which fully reflects what my poem does. Enjoy!


  1. Paula, I love your poem too. "a lifetime of learning to yield our will" definitely a powerful line that reminds us that we daily have to "offer ourselves as living sacrifices." thanks for sharing this!

  2. Karen,

    Thank you for letting me that those words resonated within you! Color me blessed!

  3. Paula, how lovely to read your poem tonight and feel the love of our Saviour as we reflect His beautiful light. Blessings, Amy

  4. Amy,

    Thank you so much for letting me know that you felt the love of our Saviour reflected in this. Color me blessed, by your words.