Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Veterans Day by Paula Rose Michelson

This post appeared 11-11-13, but was deleted. I've reposited now and hope you'll read I after you read the new post which you'll find above this one. Thanks!!

Remembering all that has been done to keep us free, 
The blood that was shed to protect those who lived in other countries, 
The men and women who sacrificed all,
So we could remain true to the vision of our Founding Fathers call, 
I find myself saddened more than I thought I would ever be,
Because the America I knew,
Is slipping away from me.

I wonder how much longer we can go on,
When the politically correct agenda uses 'love speak' to undo all that was done,
We were the 'Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,'
Where nothing was handed to anyone,
But opportunity 'that great equalizer' of everyone who came,
Gave each person a chance,
To respond to freedoms call,
To strive…to become.

Now we are told we must have 'Fairness' in our land,
Yet each person is different,
And it is our differences that made this nation 'Grand.'

Watch out for those who want you to be like everyone else.
For when people are all the same, no one matters,
Because sameness breeds contempt, 
People are interchangeable,
A great nation cannot long survive the mediocrity of sameness,
Where there is no personal drive to overcome,
To make a mark, to find the answers to questions others have not asked.

If you are reading this and it sounds like nonsense to you,
Hurry while there is still time for you to become the person you were meant to be,
Before you yield your life to someone else's ideal,
There is still time for you to discover what is really real,
And when you do please speak up because we need your voice,
For when many individuals who chose to find a way,
To come together in peace and accord things can be resolved, restored,
So on this Veterans Day,
Please join me as I pray that this 'Nation under God' find its way.

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