Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For the Vet’s Least We Forget!

Remembering that our vets need us to care about them everyday, when I saw Neil Bowers post the message and poem you're about to read on Facebook to commmeriate On November 11, 2013 my dear friend, Neil Bowers posted this on Facebook:

"On behalf of all of us who served or are serving in the military, let me say, “Thank You” for the outpouring of love and support today. Should you have an opportunity to help a vet in a practical way, please do it. Many returning vet’s are jobless or homeless. Around 16% of the homeless population in this country is veterans. And thanks to untreated or insufficiently treated PTSD among returning combat veterans, we are seeing suicide rated averaging 22 vets per day, one approximately every 65 minutes.

Invisible Wounds
by Neil Stirling Bowers

Some “déjà vu” or sight or sound
Has caused my heart to race;
My mouth is dry; I’m drenched in sweat,
In a crowded public place.

Thinks these eyes have seen, Dear Lord,
Give birth to nameless fears;
Grim scenes replay, sleep flees away
From eyes now filled with tears.

My friend with scars for all to see
Might have the simpler part;
Most folk, though kind, just can’t relate
To wounds upon the heart.

The things these eyes have seen, Dear Lord,
Man’s eyes weren’t mean to see,
So as you sooth the nations pain,
Dear Lord, remember me.

(Dedicated to a friend with combat-related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Neil Stirling Bowers, © 2013"


  1. May we never forget that when they come home, they bring a piece of the battle with them. As it lies close to their hearts, they relive the fear and frustration. It has to come out, in various forms whether it be anger, fear, obsessions or hiding so reach out your hand to them and let them know they are not alone but rather in our hearts and prayers every night.

  2. Yes, Linda! I agree with you..That's why I asked Neil if I could post this. As someone who has Vet friends with PTSD, worked in a psychiatric hospital with patients who had it long before there was a diagnoses in the PDR, and one who at times feels like I can personally relate, I appreciate your comments which stem from both a caring and loving heart!