Thursday, November 28, 2013

Written by a Child to Give Toys to Tots! by Paula Rose Micheson

My Review of Serenity's Heart 
Written when the author was 10 years old, Serenity's Heart will capture yours! Within the pages you will meet Serenity's parents who have a wish to make there your daughters dream come true. This small book gives us a glimpse into this child's and families life affirming values that create a loving reality for all. An endearing read, I loved it when Serenity stops what she is doing to talk to her reader!

Since it is unusual for a young child to write and have a book published, I did a little investigating and discovered that last year Kathy Jean cleaned houses so she'd be able to have money to buy toys for needy kids. This year, she's written this book, which she hopes you will buy so she can give many more toys next year than all the other years combined!

Meet Author Kathy-Jean Bagley 
Kathy-Jean Bagley (now twelve years old) was ten when she wrote her story about Serenity's Heart and how thrilled she would be to go to a talent show in New York City.  A competitive little girl with a huge imagination, Kathy-Jean is a homeschooled, curious child ready to take on anything that interests her.

Kathy-Jean is also very kind and tender-hearted and compassionate toward other people and their problems. All her young life she has been especially concerned about children that are under-privileged and has pledged a great portion of her little book sales toward them. She does chores and various tasks at times for family and neighbors to help them and to be able to help under-privileged. She's already filling up the Toys for Tot box.

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