Monday, September 30, 2013

Editing Blessings, Part Three, by Paula Rose Michelson

When I read my September 28th blog to my husband, he had me reread, "God doesn't allow things to happen just because! He allows things to happen so we can chose! It's in the choosing that we become. And it is through changing, refining, or narrowing our choices that we know more about our self and if we're walking with God, more about Him.” Ron blessed me by calling those words "profound." I was happy to hear this comment, because I was beginning to think, as some of you might have, that "Editing Blessings" was becoming sort of a...well, you know almost a “Never ending Story.” So I’m glad to announce that in this post you will experience the blessings as I did. Three in the Godhead: Adonai (Father), Yeshua (Son), and Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). 

Although, I'm certain that you know that one must need a 'God Blessing' before we realize we've received one, I feel it important to mention, in case you, like some I've meet haven't experienced this type of blessing, which is very different from the way we might wish to be blessed, or want to bless others. This is a blessing we cannot earn and will never notice if we don't believe in God. I call my "Editing Blessing in Three Parts" a 'God Blessing' for I was in a pickle and left to my own abilities and connections had no way to solve the problem. 

When discussing a God and His blessings, I believe it best to start with the problem. And mine, I am certain you know by now, is my inability to edit. Couple that short fall with an edit that I paid for, and assumed was done correctly and which I spent more than I had to have done, and I'm certain you'll see that I needed God to step in. 

If you're wondering how I got here, an author friend recommended the editor, so I assumed her to be amazing. If this were not so, I would have found the fault mine. However, my error, and I know it was mine, was not asking the editor if she would be working with me until the edit was finished. Had I asked and heard that once I received her notes we'd be done, I might have suspected that something was wrong, and continued to look for someone who would commit to seeing the project through. At least, I hope I would have done that. Hindsight always being twenty-twenty, I don't know for sure if I would have, so it's a moot point. All I do know is that if an author friend and I had not exchanged manuscripts, mine would have been published with errors galore. Thank you Katie Mettner, for letting me know that my manuscript was not ready for publication, and for going one step further, and recommending an amazing editor who sees each project through. 

Having this editor’s name and email address, I assumed I'd soon be in editing heaven. However, wanting this fine wordsmith to understand why I need The Naomi Chronicles, Book One, Beginning Anew edited in time for a pre-Thanksgiving release, I shared that I was planning to use a certain PR firm. I was surprised when I received a response letting me know that the editor would not work on my novel, though she wanted to, because that company, unbeknownst to me, was offering to do things Amazon did not allow. Not having any idea about the guidelines Amazon posted, but planning to use Amazon's Create Space, I checked Amazon's guidelines, and discovered my relationship with the group could have disastrous consequences. This certainly didn't feel like a blessing...disengaging from what was planned, letting down people that I had come to admire was difficult. But then, not all ‘God Blessings’ are easy, ask Moses, or the Jew's who wandered for forty years, or better yet, ask Messiah how painful it was for Him to sacrifice Himself for us. 

Finally able to move forward with this editor, I had to wait my turn, just as I expected I would. However, while waiting, I discovered that she was in pain, and in the hospital. Not knowing what to do, but aware that her issue might take months to resolve, and trying to keep to my self-imposed timetable, I asked Katie if she knew another editor, and she did! This woman had not edited fiction, but she had been editing for years. I sent my manuscript to her.

While waiting to discuss the particulars, I remembered that another author friend, Jayna had gotten an amazing edit. I say that because an acquisitions editor I know, and whose opinion I trust said, "This is the best edited book I've ever received!" So trying to find the editor God wanted me to have, and having become painfully aware that my shortcomings could undermine the story Naomi had gifted me, I asked Jayna. She sent me that editor’s email, and I contacted this gentleman. 

I hope you'll see the triple blessing when I share that within twenty four hours, I received an email from both editors who were eager to help me for a very modest fee since each knew this was a reedit. Before I could choose, thanks be to God, the editor who was fist recommended let me know she was alright and beginning the edit on my book. 

If you counted the blessing within this post as I did when they occurred, I'm certain you noticed more than three. I've written about three blessing because each editor was ready to work with me, and when two were told that the one God lead me to was able to do the edit, the other two told me that if I ever need their help, all I had to do is ask.  As I complete this writing, I'm reminded of the words found in James 1:16 "But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt." I believe! Do you?

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