Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Review O-Rama, by Paula Rose Michelson

Being offline to let an injury heal gave me time to read and review books, which is something I've become passionate about, since there are so many great new authors. The two book reviews I posted today were written with a smile on my face. One nonfiction, the other book fiction, I found each amazing authors work took me to another reality or showed me how to reframe the reality they were living with. Should you wish to purchase a book after reading a review the link for each book is there too. 

En Garde by Hamburger Fry

A valiant swordsman sauntering forth to battle in the weapons bay that seems like something snatched from an English hamlet of Robin Hoods day melded with the highest-tech Star Trek Ship. A fair damsel, a healer, light sabers, names of great literary figures sprinkled throughout that makes one wonder if they've stepped into Alice in Wonderland or entered the fifth or maybe even the sixth dimension. Words oddly chosen set ones teeth on edge to illustrate the juxtaposition of while illuminating the tension between what we know and don't in this amazing melee where confusion grabs the reader pulling them into this otherworldly tail.

Hamburger Fry (the authors name is itself a pseudonym) takes his reader on a quest and, like the Cyrano of old and the one we meet in this book, you'll have to take the journey of overlapping realities, or it is really fiction, "Nay! I think Steampunk Science Fiction!" to discover what is really real.

Surviving Life: Through Faith, Hope and Love by Melissa M. Carson

In her incredible account of daughter, Cori's cerebral palsy, mother, Melissa M. Carson tells us, "...we do not have to accept that we only live a certain life." This one thought grounded Melissa and because of her absolute belief that, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone," she challenged what she was told and discovered a life for her, her daughter, and her family, built upon the concept of doing things, "...that used to be considered "outside the box" and confronted, "...the opinions of...single-minded beliefs."

Her resilience in the face of the obstacles Cori faced gave her joy in discovering, "The true measure of a person's strength is how we continue to exist when that moment does arrive," as it shaped her journey and Cori's life. 

If you or someone you know is in a difficult place, or need words of wisdom, this journey of affirmation is one I recommend for within it you will discover that, to paraphrase Melissa M. Carson, "...there are no limits unless you set them." And this woman knows what she's speaking about because Cori traveled and graduated High School! 

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