Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Tears by Paula Rose Michelson

For every child that is unwanted a woman's heart may be crying for what you have rejected. Before you make a choice to end a life, think about those arms that hunger to hold what you carry within your body...then chose life!

Baby tears,
Baby tears,
I cried them silently,
All the long lonely years.

Whether my husband was by my side,
Or far away.
Whether I felt the forgiveness of God,
Or watched as other people’s children played.

Within my yearning heart,
Was a brokenness that could not be mended,
A need that seemed to large to be tended,
A sad story that never ended.

Mama’s tears,
Mama’s tears,
There is no son or daughter here to see,
All the sorrow I cried out,
While others took for granted,
That which was denied me.

Papa’s tears,
Papa’s tears,
For the children that never came,
As my life played out and my husband left,
Unable to face the pain,
Of condemnation and religious shame.

Barren years,
Facing fears,
Fears of recrimination, and more,
Then, when I gave up,
Gave up all,
Look what God had in store!

Baby girl,
A blessing of love,
Mine to tend,
Given from above,
Not from my womb
Or my husbands seed,
Yet mine at last,
Mine indeed!

Teenage girls,
Gods’ sweet pearls,
Reassurance of the rightness of things,
Part and parcel of the joy Messiah brings,
No time to fret over children never born,
Less time to morn over a lifetime of love scorned.

Artist child, meek and mild,
Timid in every way,
Could the blessing be mine,
At last,
Will you run away?

Daughter mine,
So sublime,
Gods unending favor,
For a woman like me,
To have a daughter,
Like thee,
One whose very presence I savor!

Messiah mine,
Thank You for my baby tears,
Thank You for Your favor!
Thank You for the child you gave,

After I learned to call you my Savor!

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