Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Heart & Soul Devotional, by Paula Rose Michelson

 1 Chronicles 22:19 …devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God.

There are dayssometimes too many to countwhen I have not made time to spend with you, God, and I feel your sorrow. There are other times when I short change us both by trying to spend time with you when I am on the run. I am even guilty of sending up arrow prayers at the spur of the moment before we have met and had fellowship. 

I have studied your word and know that you desire to have a relationship with me. I know that by my putting off time alone with you, I cheat both of us. Instead of giving you the “First Fruits” of my day, I fear that sometimes, I give you the leftovers, and I feel sorrow. In my sorrow, I feel yours, which is not like the sadness that falls upon us mortals, and then is lifted in the next few moments or hours when our mind is engaged in something else, another drama or perhaps another joy. Knowing Scripture, as I do, I believe your sorrow continues as I, your beloved child, keep myself away from you. 

Knowing you desire to have a dailymoment by momentrelationship with me, I still find myself put other demands first. Thus I watch as my need to give into the ‘the tyranny of the urgent’ causes me to drift farther and farther away until I cannot see you in my life. The things of this word become my focus, and I become a person doing instead of a human being. I lose sight of you; the creator God the one who called me into existence and the one for whom I was created. During these times, I feel as if I am a helium balloon floating on the winds of chance. Yet even in these situations, I hear you calling to me. For a brief moment, I am reminded of your overarching love, care and concern for me. Awareness dawns and I realize that I must return to you while my heart and soul still respond to your call. Returning to you, you once more teach me how to reorder my priorities and therefore bless me as I make our relationship the first priority in my life. You shelter me under your wings, and I rejoice, for only in you do I experience true and abiding love, faith and commitment because these attributes of yours will continue even though heaven and earth are no more!

Looking back from the shelter of your wings to that distant and troubled world, I realize anew that if your Scriptures had not reach me when I was far away from you, I may have become as one who has heard, received, and believed the gospel, but whose roots were not firm. Seeing the world and all it has to offer from the comfort and security of your nurturing care, I know that even in your sorrow your mercy was extended to me. I rejoice in the realization that you have again drawn me back to you! Yet in this joy I am aware that no mother, father, sister, brother or child, no one can understand the grief that I cause you. And I, only I know the grief I caused both of us when I allowed the world and all it deceptions to pull my focus to those things that will not last and in so doing see that my feet were planted on slippery sand rather than on the firm salvation that knowing you affords.  

Please God, I pray, help me stay close to you today, this very minute that I may replace the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ with a commitment to make my relationship with you the "Alpha and Omega" of my existence. Remind me to begin and end each and every day with you and allow my mind to be drawn to you again and again throughout the day for; succor council, wisdom and encouragement.  In this world there is no one like you; who graciously offers these resources to me from a wellspring of blessings and guidance that you have. Ah, to begin and end of each and every day with you...what joy! 

Because of your great love for me, because of my great need for you, I ask you to draw me close to you by the renewing mind so that I may be transformed though spending time with you and in your Scriptures. Amen

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