Monday, September 23, 2013

Who am I Paula Rose Michelson

Blogging over these last few weeks about my lack of ability to do the one thing God asked of me brought me a sense of the calling, a peace that affirmed it once again, and a steadfast belief that today would be the right time to speak of the secret shame, I felt due to my dyslexia issues, which seemed even more insurmountable now that I was called by God to write for Him.  

God knew what was going on within fact, He had already set in motion five unique affirmations that I wasn't expecting but received one after another so that when I sat down to write this blog, I would be able to share that God—the God of the universe—not only cares for, but nurtures those He has called. 

We authors live or died a little each time we receive a comment, criticism, or a review is posted. Aware that my work, and having heard from several acquisitions editors, that many authors published work has errors, I knew that reading reviews could be a double edged sword. Yet for our work to succeed it must be measured. And my Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing, Books One was this weekend. 

With today's 5 Star Review, Book One of Casa de Naomi has been blessed with a total of 38 reviews, 35 of which are 5 Stars. I have savored each review, as a blessing lavishly poured out from Messiah anointing this work for His purpose.  

Here is a snippet of the wonderful review Poet, Kathy J. Snow posted this morning. "As an avid enthusiast of history, I was enthralled immediately with the beautiful arbor, Paula Rose Michelson chose to preface for "Casa de Naomi." Inviting meadows of both intriguing and vibrant voices….blessed me, allowing me a glimpse into the realm of love and respect for the Jewish faith. In absorbing the delicious "Historical Notes," I admit it gave me an appetite of anxious ~ excitement! I couldn't wait to be engulfed in the first chapter. "Casa de Naomi" already had me captive." When the reviewer spoke of my work as "artistically painting a vibrant picture" and then mentioned heartbreak, love, and miracles, I flashed back to who I had been, then forward to that higher calling in Messiah, and thought, "Who am I that God...
" Suddenly, I was reminded that this isn't about who I am but who God is! Enjoy!

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