Friday, March 24, 2017


#FREE Kindle through 3/26/17
Yesterday I was asked if I'd like my story of how or why I wrote The Time Between, which is FREE through Sunday, March 26th to be shared on another authors blog! Aware that this is an interesting tail, and not hearing back, I decided to share it here...

So, to begin in the middle... since I was half way through editing Commitment for Two: The Naomi Chronicles, Book Four, when I got the desire to write a sweet love story. You know, the kind that makes you think, I wish I'd written that! Ops, if you’re not an author that wouldn't make sense, so I’ll add, makes you think, I wish I were that gal!  

The title of the book was The Time Between, which my hubby loved. A little prodding from him, and I wrote the Back Matter, which was nothing like I wanted it to be. However, having been called to write by God, I was - if not eager - at least... So, I didn't do anything more until, and I'd never done this before, I started searching for song titles that I'd use as chapter titles. 

All the while I was still trying to edit a book that I couldn't focus on! A few months of this and I'd had IT! One Friday, I thought, Okay, one weekend! That's all I'm going to spend on this book! 

Starting the project, the words just flew from my fingers on to the word doc and at the end of that weekend, the book - written in first person - was DONE! 

It being a VERY Short read, two of my friends listened as I read it. One, who's a playwright told me that when I had the second and third acts she'd help me learn her craft. The other - a retired school teacher, who's read all my books told me, "This is your best work so far!"

Nice, hu? But, I know it was the image I selected for the cover and the tagline that helped me overcome my, I can't write or publish that attitude. 

However, it wasn't until I listed to Derek Doepker's webinar that I gave myself permission to own that I’d written a book about an important issue that some who read my other books might not like! Because the issues in this work are important, I'm glad I wrote it and look forward to the second in this three-book series titled They Must See Me! although, I must share that once more I’m not looking forward to writing it, so it’ll have to be another all in book writing weekend to get this book on paper as well!

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