Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Author Derek Doepker's Guidance Changed My Thinking!

Derek DoepkerAs an Indie Author since 2014, I've heard and experienced what most who self-publish do, which is the ying-yang of readers who love our books and eagerly await the next one, nice reviews, and sales that don't reflect what we're hearing!

Like most in this situation, I've tried many ways to boost reader awareness and sales from Kindle Free download events to a multi-blog Rafflecopter giveaway, which an author friend offered to do for a fee. Had I known then what I know now, I would have nixted her help because the person who sets up the event is the one who gets the email address. Had I understood, as I do now, how easy it is to give my eBook Kindles away, I would have done that myself in the hope that sales of the other books in my series would sell. 

Though No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One is usually ranked in Amazon's top 100 Bestsellers in Inspirational Romantic Fiction, I still wasn't meeting my writing expenses. Like many self-published authors I know, I wondered if I were deluding myself. I discovered that those who read and posted wonderful reviews for my book were right when I offered a free Kindle download of No Other Choice and sales for that book plus the two others in the series, Choosing to Be, and Beginning Anew took off as well! Since my eBooks are on Kindle Unlimited, I was able to see the number of pages read multiply each hour! 

Happy that the books reviewers were right, my book was GOOD! I eagerly awaited more book sales! 
Yet nothing happened! 

Aware that there were authors who understood what I did not, I signed up for Derek Doepker's two hour webinar, which changed my Point of View! If you have an opportunity to listen to him DO IT! Signing up for his KD Sales Machine Inner Circle was an act of faith on my part. And having mentioned my lagging sales during the webinar, I was delighted when he checked my book out and in three words shared something that will forever impact the way I think about my books!  

Here, I must admit that I struggled when he told me that my book was Inspirational Christian Fiction since Amazon hasn't shown those words below any of my books. However, when I read the definition of these words, I released that they fit ALL my fictions. 

So to restate the obvious, if you're able to sign up for author Derek Doepker's webinar and enroll in his KD Sales Machine Inner Circle do it! And, you might want to hit the 'FOLLOW' found under his picture on his Amazon author page at:

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