Thursday, April 6, 2017

5 Day Kindle Countdown 4 CHOOSING to BE ends 4/10/17!

Longing. Desire. Passion. Desolate, their marriage over, Naomi and Chaz are still in love! Will the choices they make bring them together or keep them apart? 

Inspirational Christian Romance that takes your breath away!

Naomi and Chaz have no rest as they try to figure out how to live without the one their heart cannot forget or forgive. Unable to face the fallout of revealed secrets, Naomi has fled. Alienated from all who loved and affirmed her, with no place to stay, God will gift her everything if — finding herself embraced by people who care — Naomi discovers the ‘Lover of her Soul’.

Refusing to forgive Naomi, can Chaz handle what he discovers when visiting his family? Isolated and alone, will he admit that there is more that binds them together than their unfulfilled longing? Only God can fix what is broken between this star-crossed couple.

EDITORIAL REVIEW: “A fascinating layered read! The tension between characters leaves you breathless in anticipation. The plot twists, turns and carries you all the way to the end, hoping Chaz and Naomi find each other again! For those looking for a great book... pick it up!” - Kitty Muse Book Reviews

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