Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Please Welcome poet, Feon Davis, author of Footsteps of Faith (Volume 2)

Feon, why do you write? I write what is given to me in the name of Jesus Words for hope, peace, love for what reason I do not know only he does.

Interesting, and how did God direct you? He whispers to my spirit the words intend for me to write. Despite how I am feeling for he has all control.

What is your self-publishing or regular publishing experience? I learned that it cost either way. However, having marketing tools is a BIGGER help along with editing to back you up.

Since many wonder about us authors, please tell us where do you write? Mostly at home. But this depends on my spirit sense through God.

Feon, do you have any words of wisdom to pass along? Pray before writing and ask God to guide you hand, heart, and mind.

What Readers Are Saying
"Feon, you have truly found the true spiritual walk and all through the book, you lead others to see God’s love. Sometimes poets struggle to achieve, but you give yourself to Jesus in every way in the book, thus establishing a path for others to follow. An awesome work, I am so proud of your work. Keep writing from your heart and your poetry will always be whole. This new book of poems is very beautiful and spiritual guaranteed to uplift many hearts! May your writing will help others always to keep the faith!" – Dorothy E. Scott

"Within Footsteps of Faith are 55 beautiful pages from this talented Christian author. That the Miss. Davis has been writing since she was nine years old helped me understand how she was able to convey from her heart to our souls using our Lord’s language to share the joy of Him in vivid poetry and prose. Any ‘disability’ Feon may have suffered at birth when she was deprived of oxygen has been decisively and brilliantly overcome. In leading others to see His love she established a path for others to follow. This is a book I can recommend – both for personal reading and also as a gift book. A well-earned five stars and GOD BLESS you Feon. I look forward to reading more of your works." – Eliza E.

About Author, Feon Davis
Feon L. Davis, poet and writer, offers as a blessing to all in the message of her anthology, which shows that faith is an essential part of life. This engaging anthology was written for readers who share the authors love of God. Within the readers finds religious language, and vivid imagery that evokes feelings of joy. The spiritual delight of the author in being a poet who feels close to God is apparent. Written with love, each poem speaks of how everyday experiences draw us closer showing us how faith affects our lives. This gifted author believes faith to be the foundation of all she encounters. Her language is strikingly beautiful, graceful and elegant. Desiring to empower her readers these skillfully written poems offer to all who a sense of being delighted by God's message. Enjoying the wise words of the Bible, Feon's poetry shows how splendid life is when reflecting upon God's love. Enfolded in this poets work, if you would like to read more, Feon L. Davis has written several other anthologies, including 'Footsteps of Grace.'

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  1. I am blessed to have this opportunity to share what God has given. And to be published, as well post as many poems on my own web sites. I enjoy receiving comments from the many writers and others stopping by. I Thank God for Paula Rose giving me a wonderful interview.

  2. I'm glad you chose to participate and know my readers have been blessed by your work and - perhaps event more - by your story!

    1. Bless you Rose. And Rose is exactly what you are.