Sunday, March 13, 2016

#5Stars! From the Macro to the Micro this Topsy-Turvy story is a MUST READ!

Author M. Flanagan's novel, Jonah is written with a lyrical cadence at the onset, and takes us from the macro to the micro as the author shows us needs and unseen provision settling at last on Jonah and his family. Here, M. Flanagan shows us a particular need, which we all have. Then she does the unthinkable that had me scratching my head in amazement, for this well-grounded story is turned topsy-turvy and suddenly our ‘Jonah’ is the ‘Jonah’ who refused to go to Nineveh.

So as not to spoil the outcome, all I can say this is a Must Read Story! Whether you love to read the Bible or ancient books or not, I believe you will absolutely relish this novel, and be looking for this authors next book as eagerly as I am doing now!

About Author, Rina (M.) Flanagan
Rina Flanagan
Rina (M.) Flanagan grew up in Africa, dodging snakes, elephants, teasing uncles and cousins, and other even scarier imagined things... and somehow survived to tell the tale, or tales! She speaks four languages plus some remembered fragments of pidgin-African-English. Rina has three university degrees, is married, and divides her time between New Zealand and a favorite part of the Southwest USA where she has trained mustangs with gentle methods.

Believing that there is more than enough disturbing news in the world, Rina writes about mostly that which encourages and motivates.

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