Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Author, Joy DeKok & I chat about Writing & her Amazing Novel, BETWEEN THE LIES

Joy, why do you write? My fascination with words started when I was four and taught myself to read and write. I love words and they are part of who I am. Putting them on pages is almost as important as breathing. Wow! I’m trying to imagine you writing at four years old when many that age don’t know their alphabet!

Joy, how did God direct you? After coming to faith in Jesus, my first response was to write about it. I've been doing that ever since. First in letters and poetry. Then in stories. So many authors, myself included, began by writing poetry.

Joy, please share your publishing experience. I was traditionally published first. It was okay. Then I discovered self-publishing and love it. It's hard work either way, and I'm not declaring one way better for everyone. But self-publishing works better for me.

Joy, where do you write? Wherever I am. I have an office in our home, I work for my husband part-time in his insurance office and in the quiet times I also write there. I love the seclusion of my personal life, but now and then need the energy I find in a coffee shop. Or on a writing retreat with friends. I relate needing a quiet place to write. Also, I think each of us would love to have a breakaway with friends!

Joy, do you have any words of wisdom to pass along? Trust God. Write from your heart. Be brave. Writing true. A great insight, which I believe applies to anything we peruse!

FYI: If you love to read books by bestselling authors Lynn Cahoon, Shelley Hitz, and Barbara Freethy, I know once you’ve read one of Joy DeKok’s novels you’ll be a fan for life! If you use Amazon’s ‘Follow’ feature, you’ll always know when her new book is available!

Between the Lies (The Northern Lights Series Book 1)
Olivia Morgan was fine. Until the dead guy in the elevator, her married lover's disdain, the loss of her dream job, and an FBI agent who is looking into the past she's worked so hard to hide. All she wanted was the perfect life; the love of a wealthy man, a beautiful place to live, and to be an art teacher. She didn't mind doing what it took to get those things, and for ten years, she had it all - almost.

Plus, someone is watching her - someone who knows things and how to get to her without being seen.

To prove she's innocent of at least one of the murders she may have committed, Olivia uses her ability to notice what others often miss, and her art to remember and reveal what she knows.
Will her sketches save or convict her?
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What Readers Are Saying
“DeKok slowly peels away layers of pain, heartache, and deception to reveal the true heartbeats of her characters, making Between the Lies nail-biting suspense with heart and soul.” —  Author of the bestselling Fredrickson Winery Novels, Barbara Ellen Brink

“DeKok's new mystery is one of those books that haunted me from page one. Meaning, when I wasn't reading, the story kept drawing me back, making me wish I could set everything else aside and just finish it! I loved that Olivia wasn't the usual stereotypical heroine. In fact, most of us would be appalled at her secret life. Yet, as the story unfolds and her life begins to unravel and secrets come out of the closet (literally), you can't help but wish for her to find her way. The twist and turns of the intricate plot line made for a fascinating story. I'm so thrilled this is book one of a series and look forward to reading more about these colorful characters. I'd rate Between the Lies right up there with titles by two of my favorite authors, Chris Fabry and Creston Mapes. Well done, Joy DeKok!” —  Bestselling author, Diane Moody

Between the Lies is rich on multiple levels: the intricate plot has enough twists and sudden reveals to please the most demanding mystery fan, the settings ring true, and the characters are lined with a fine and discerning eye. Olivia Morgan is a crackerjack heroine, cursed with a nightmare childhood but charged with a determined grit that will see her through this.” — Author, John Robinson

About Author, Joy DeKok
Joy started writing as a child – she loved following along with the words when her mom read to her. When she married Jon, he encouraged her to follow her dream, then made a way for her to do that. She’ll always be grateful he believed in her talent even when she wasn’t so sure. They now live on thirty-five acres of woods and fields of wildflowers with their dogs, Sophie and Tucker. Joy enjoys long walks or rides in their John Deere Gator with her camera, journal, and dogs. She likes her coffee strong, black, and hot.
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  2. You're welcome, Joy. The tweet, I tweeted and posted in our chat and the blog post I left on your Facebook page can be used 4ver because the url link is for your article on my blog. I hope your numbers go up on Twitter & sales increase on Amazon.