Thursday, August 13, 2015

Will my 2 #99Cent Ebooks, NO OTHER CHOICE & CHOOSING to BE become a MOVIE?

In the first 17 hours after posting that I was to speak with FIRE CATCHER PRODUCTION’S founder, M. T. Arnold about NO OTHER CHOICE & CHOOSING to BE becoming a movie (see the post below this one) more than 500 downloads of NO OTHER CHOICE affirmed that God had orchestrated this meeting of the minds and affirmed the heart connection I felt.

We’ve spoken briefly a time or two since then, but aren’t making any commitments until we fact find and seek God’s guidance in prayer.

I have spoken with a friend who shared what he’d experienced when a production company opted the rights for his book, and I must say, I’ll need your prayers more then than now if this happens.

Very interesting, and I believe another affirmation from God is the fact that NO OTHER CHOICE hit number 1 in AMAZON'S BESTSELLERS LIST in Inspirational, Women's and Family Fiction that day and is still on that list today!

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