Saturday, August 29, 2015

My #99Cent Why of a Possible FAITH MOVIE 4 NO OTHER CHOICE!

Like Maria in the musical WEST SIDE STORY, Naomi, and the other main characters grew up speaking Spanish, so their English is stilled and without contractions making this a unique read. I share this at the outset since some have asked me, "Why would a movie producer be interested in YOUR book?" Some author friends told me THE NAOMI CHRONICLES are sub-par writing. One said my writing "was juvenile", so I begin by sharing that I believe readers & film producers are looking for a unique heart touching, life and faith affirming experience. 

Furthermore, teenage Naomi, without telling her family, flees Spain in the dead of night to gain religious freedom in America and bring them here. Yet, faced with a situation she cannot solve, Naomi lets an old woman help her, and once on the bus realizes she's an illegal immigrant. Since illegal immigrants are this election cycles hottest topic, I wouldn't be surprised if another movie producer didn't talk to me about producing the movie. But I digress. 

My answer to "Why would a movie produce want to make a move of NO OTHER CHOICE is: A movie about fictional Naomi reflects the reality of all who live in fear. Doing as she's taught this frightened teenager becomes a pillar of her community while she continues to hide that she is not who they thinks she is. Those who know Naomi think her a saint. Yet Naomi knows she is a sinner. Along the way there's a wonderful coming of age story coupled with a unique romance. The horrid villain, is a teenaged girl Naomi rescues from immigration as she committed to do since the old woman who adopted, taught, and equipped her to do since her dear Madre Vida's death. And as I've already stated, the hottest topic this election cycle is illegal immigrants.

NO OTHER CHOICE is the first book of the six unique stories Naomi told me, and God called me to write. To write these books, I researched what befell the Spanish (Sephardic) Jews before, during and after the Spanish and New Spain (Mexican) Inquisitions. Finding primary source information became my passion because I had to understand Naomi's heritage and fear. As the writing progressed, I wrote what Naomi dictated. Sometimes, I found myself speaking with a person who affirmed what Naomi said, and it seemed that once I knew what Naomi was telling me was true finding two primary source documents that verified what I was writing became easy. 

My answer to those who ask why is, "This is what God wanted, and because my husband Ron and I pledged in our hearts that 90% the money I will receive will fund a chair of  Messianic Writing & Literature at either: BIOLA Christian University, Concordia Lutheran College, or Talbot Seminary for there is much the Lord wishes but first and foremost we are to remember that Yeshua (Jesus) in Mathew 15:14 answered, I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.

About, Author Paula Rose Michelson
The wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Ministries field missionary, Ron Michelson, while a Church Ministries Coordinator for the mission her husband continues to serve in, Paula Rose Michelson asked God to gift her something unique to do. Little did she know that hearing David Hocking speak about Zion being both the land of Eretz Yisrael (Israel) and the Jewish people would lead her to research what befell the Spanish Jews (Sephardic) before, during and after the Inquisition. Beginning to write, word spread and some Sephardim contacted her to offer their stories. However, Naomi had already begun telling this dyslectic artist about her life, which is now a six volume romantic inspirational faith saga.

Other books - both fiction and nonfiction followed - but at her core, Paula's desire to faithfully depict Gods love, compassion, and forgiveness are the reason she continues to write. And having founded LAMB Ministries in 1988, Paula knows that the biblical tools God taught her, which she faithfully passes on to women suffering from trauma and abuse are needed by all, so she includes a few within the pages of each book. Her fictions, nonfictions & recovery

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