Sunday, August 9, 2015

#99cents! A story unlike anything you've read b4 ~ THE NAOMI CHRONICLES ~ #Inspired #ChristRom

99 Cents 4 each novel!

What if you and your family had to live a lie because of what happened 500 years ago? What if you found yourself falling in love with the man you'd married to sidestep issues - a man your faith forbid you to love? Read Naomi’s story and you too will say,

“A STORY UNLIKE ANY I've Ever Read!"

Author, William Struse says,
5 Star! “A soulful story in the tradition of some of the Bible's great heroines. Duty, sacrifice, and faith are carried in the arms of love by a courageous young woman, who rises above her own flaws to help others.”

John Hale, AKA Author Hamburger Fry's, 5 Star review says,
“No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles, Book 1 is a story about love, faith, honor, and duty. Sometimes things don’t go as planned.”

Reviews by SweetReadz Mag said,
"This was a great book! A dangled web this. I won’t give details away but just know that there is a lot of he wants her, she wants him, he wants the money and everyone is deep in sin. A faith based read about love, life and forgiveness there are things we are commissioned to do in our Christian walk, but life choices can make these things seem to be pushed far back and our fleshy desires forefront...”

With over 57 additional #5Star raves, if you're looking for a unique read, I suggest you check out NO OTHER CHOICE, CHOOSING to BE, and BEGINNING ANEW.

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