Sunday, June 7, 2015

“Through the Eyes of Love,” Author, M.A. Ricks said in her 5 Star Review!

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Here, I, the author, must say I believe it a rare, unusual, and wonderful blessing that so many authors’ took the time, to read, review, and post raves about “The Naomi Chronicles Saga Books!” This is especially meaningful to me  because I admire these authors work, and on  more personal note, knowing there are three more books in this Saga their words have helped me to stay the course, for though we authors write while alone hopping that we have crafted a story worthy of being read, we all know that most readers don’t post anything, so it is with heartfelt thanks that I acknowledge my debt to these talented writer who keep me ever mindful that though books entertain, when called by God to write they can, with His guidance do much more than that!

“Chaz and Naomi...
These two characters, although clearly strong individuals, exemplify what it means to view one another with eyes of love. Determined to start again and finally embracing the truth of they are,
(especially Naomi), I found myself enjoying how Author Paula Rose Michelson allows us to see some of the inner uncertainty each character contends with.

Although it’s clear that they want their union to be a blessed one, Michelson shows us how it is sometimes difficult to reveal our true selves, and even our insecurities to someone to whom we've pledged our lives...Even something as seemingly revealing as our name, as ones name in the Jewish religion are very important!

Author Michelson pens a novel I found to be very inspirational primarily because Christ was at the center. He was at the center of their faith. He was the crux of their union and as a result they were able to forgive and really love not only one another but bless others in their community.

Although Naomi and Chaz will face challenges, Michelson’s characters will continue to keep Christ in the center and will continue to see each and each other through eyes of love. Blessings to you Author Paula Michelson…Love always, always tells a beautiful story.”

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