Saturday, June 20, 2015

#99Cents! Is or Is it NOT a Christian Book?

Is THE TIME BETWEEN a Christian Book? You tell me does swearing eliminate it from being a Christian Book or does this powerful thriller’s message of hope, love and faith overcoming abuse make this a story you’d want to read?

Reading more like a play than a book, if you like your favorite songs of the 60's served with tension. If you enjoy seeing a woman who was hated and  abused by the mother who should have loved her, meet the woman who Always loved her even before she was born. 

If you long for a story where a life lived in Christ can restore the hopeless, this books message of love, hope, and forgiveness is one you will treasure when you realize the topic dealt with created the need for the character to think, act, and speak as she did.

While writing this 90 minute read, the words, My Redeemer Lives, were uppermost in my heart and mind and their imprint is felt throughout this story . Therefore, if you've longed for a story that shows His restorative  power. If you've wondered how early an unborn babe can hear and remember the words that matter most this book is a must read for within you'll discover as El and Shirley do how a song sung before a babe was born was remembered throughout the life of the one it was sung to. This story is definitely an E-tick ride treat!

Author, Felicia Mires 5 STAR Review says,

“Paula Rose Michelson writes with authority about a heart-rending situation. It reads very much like an auto-biographical account. We see into the depths of a woman's torment as she struggles to find identity and connect with those she loves.

A mother and daughter are ripped apart shortly after the daughter's birth and deceived all their lives. When they finally come together they struggle with each other's pain. The mother cries out to God for a way to reach her daughter, for healing in both their lives. Though this book has no Scripture and isn't written with the intention of "saving" the daughter, it's clear that the mother's relationship with the Redeemer has been an integral part of her recovery. The serious subject matter is treated with sensitivity and depth and reveals a way back into healing and wholeness. Perhaps it is even a more brilliant treatise on redemption because it displays a life lived in connection with the Father and how that brought hope and new life. 

Alert: this is not a "clean" read. It includes strong language.”
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