Thursday, June 4, 2015

2 AMAZING Review + Blessings & Peace 4 Writing THE TIME BETWEEN ~ NOW #99CENTS

Since THE TIME BETWEEN released on, March 17th, I found myself in a quandary because until this book’s release everything I wrote was biblically inspired. Now each time I posted or Tweeted about this #THRILLER, I felt the need to add, “This is not a faith story because dealing with very difficult issues there's swearing. However, Messiah, Yeshua, and Jesus are all spoken of and the two other books in the series are faith stories.”

How strangely amazing it was for me, on June 4th while making sure I’d quoted another review for this book correctly to realize within, Author Felicia Mires 5 Star Review was the affirmation I needed for it says,
“Though this book has no Scripture and isn't written with the intention of "saving" the daughter, it's clear that the mother's relationship with the Redeemer has been an integral part of her recovery. The serious subject matter is treated with sensitivity and depth and reveals a way back into healing and wholeness. Perhaps it is even a more brilliant treatise on redemption because it displays a life lived in connection with the Father and how that brought hope and new life. Alert: this is not a "clean" read. It includes strong language. I was given this book for the purposes of review. The ideas reflected are my own."         

I’m also rejoicing in Rev Jimmy A. Garland 5 Star Review which says, 
“There was a point in my teen years where I was infatuated with the works and life of Edgar Allan Poe. As I read Paula’s latest book I found myself comparing Paula’s opening with his work. The main difference is that Edger wrote from the depth of his tormented mind, and Paula writes beyond torment to deliver the main character into sanity. As the story unfolded I found myself both analyzing the needs of the main character and identifying with her road to joy.

I have been amazed at how the Master works through His children using “non-spiritual" ways to open doorways into the spiritual world for His Glory. There are a multitude of individuals imprisoned within chains of bondage of self-worth. Ultimately I believe that only Christ offers deliverance, but a book like this can be used of Christ to guide a person to seek the help they need." Rev Jimmy A Garland: Pastor, Counselor, and Author of ‘Ark of Rest’ 

With these two amazing blessing in review form affirming this book, and aware that the last book in this 3 book series THE BLESSING KEEPERS JOURNAL is a perhaps my most Christ centered work thus far, I am finally realizing the joy in having begun what the Lord called me to undertake in writing THE CRUCIBLE of BECOMING books! 

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