Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What do “We the People” do About those Kids?

   Whether you believe the influx of illegal kids being brought to our country was orchestrated by the drug cartels, or that those children risked their lives to ride the rails to get here are doing that because (as some have said) President Obama invited them to come, or find yourself agreeing that this daily onslaught of thousands of children illegally crossing our boarders is a huge “Humanitarian Crises”, or you wish the problem would just go away, the reality is that we’ve been helping the other guy i.e. the downtrodden nations for so long that it probably seemed to some wise-guys here and abroad that they could manipulate us American’s into a fix that would tie us up in both legal and political knots by dumpling on our doorstep an issue they don’t want to deal with.
           According to the squawk on the street that’s finally getting some press what we’re seeing now is just an expansion of what’s been going on for a while and just like the mom who saved each day what she could so she could buy enough groceries to feed her family and had a nickel left over to give to the needy “We the People” are now caught on the horns of a dilemma. Not the dilemma as portrayed by the right or the left, no we face a moral dilemma. For this country founded on moral principles that from its inception guided us, it is a loathsome thing indeed for me to note that at no time has any leader, representative, or our Pres. mentioned that because we have slowly sunk into the abyss, that seemingly bottomless chasm where our adversary resides ever watchful hoping we will, of our own accord, join him there.
With this latest ploy, it is critical that “We the American People” take the high ground and do this NOW, for to procrastinate is to condone! Knowing this I found myself wondering what we could do that would bring the crisis to the attention of the nation – those who represent us – and the press without making this issue another them against us dog and pony show that gets us nowhere unless you think that becoming more deeply entrenched in intractability is somewhere!
I see you nodding and am thrilled because we all know that whether these illegal minors are being used, or fled for their life they didn’t sign up for this situation any more than we did.
So knowing that neither they nor we were instrumental in creating this issue, and being fully aware that no one is thinking clearly enough to see what would be in the best interest of all, I believe it is time to take this to the Whitehouse.
Therefore, taking a page from the history that we know gets the attention of all, I propose that each state that’s having kids dumped at their doorstep spend what’s need to get those kids to The Whitehouse at the same time on the same day. That the governors of those states that are being affected as well as those who needed to leave their jobs to process them accompany those kids. Also, please, before trek begins interview and record what the kid shave to say so “We the People” can get the straight scoop!  
If those in Washington, including our Pres. think that dropping the problem in someone else’s backyard’s the answer let's show them what that’s like and if necessary leave those kids there as in inside the Congress and in front of the Whitehouse, and that we do this before Congress breaks for the summer and when the Pres. is in residence! 
And, if you think this can’t be done, remember what's happening now is one of Satan’s oldest tricks called “Divide and Concur.” He first tried it in the Garden of Eden, and has been using this divisive trick ever since. Right now aided by those in power who refuse to negotiate, he’s using again. However, “We the People” have news for him: And that is that “We the People” value people…even kids and will not allow them to become pawns, not now not ever, no way! Okay! So let’s stop fretting and do what works…and that’s unbeard the coot in front of the whole country, because when we do that the country that “We the People” inherited will become whole again!

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