Friday, July 25, 2014

Here's the Skinny on "The Purple Pitch Seduction of America"

Many ask how, or to be more to the point, why an author like me, who writes about choices, began writing The Purple Pitch Seduction of America, so here's the skinny...

 I began noodling around with some articles while Obama was running for the presidency the first time. Both before and during the second election cycle, I was writing, and Ron was reading. We both thought it was a great way for me to blow off steam in a funny, not so funny way...

Then a few months ago, he asked me why these articles hadn't been published yet since I had a great cover...

So being me, I asked if he wanted the book published so we could tell everyone about Karen Slimick Arnpriester's amazing work and the look he shot me let me know that he was deadly serious. 

So here, by popular demand of Ron and because of the wow reviews the book got, is the book I never planned to publish, which is very dear to my heart for I took a walk down memory lane while being sadly aware that the 21st century was, in some ways, not my cup of tea... Then I thought of all those who'd come here in search of the American Dream and I wondered...

So as a salute to all who sacrificed so we could live free,   
As a warning to those who wish we were like what the evolving countries used to be,
Is my take on what made us great, made us strong, and why we stood up for the other guy whom some said didn't belong!

Just so you could get a great deal this book, during its pre-release sale is .99 Cents, which is a steal! 

The Purple Pitch Seduction of America is now at:

iTunes and...

In Closing - Here's a Little About Me

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