Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enjoying the Moment Before THE Moment!

Now I know how Santa Clause feels when he knows he’s bringing you something that you didn’t ask for, but will enjoy! I know that because of reviews like the one, I’ve posted below, and because many of those who read the book asked me when the sequel would be out.

So taking the bull by the horns, as in – why not? This book, whose subtitle is ‘Lest We Lose Our Inalienable Rights Press On’, will soon be the first and book two’s subtitle in case you’re wondering will be ‘Finger Pointing and Anointing’!

But for now, I’m thinking its best to do first things…as in promote the pre-released books .99 Cent celebratory price if you buy it before its release date of August 4th. Now, I’m not sure when the e-book will be at these fine online booksellers listed below, so when you find it for sale at you favorite store, please let me know.

In case you’re not sure if this book’s for you I posted this review: “Like a deep thinking Erma Bombeck, Paula Rose Michelson’s ‘The Purple Pitch Seduction of America’, reflects our society’s issues in a way that makes one think while chuckling. While I read, I found myself thinking about 2 Timothy 3:1-9, which speaks of the Godlessness in the ‘Last Days’, and I pray that we are not there yet.” — Wayne Johnson


Barnes & Noble:


After the pre-release event ends on August 4th The Purple Pitch Seduction of America will be available at most online Booksellers like Amazon, Smashwords and such, for its regular price of $3.99, so if you’re looking to buy a gift for those who are…this is a book that just might fit the bill and at .99 Cents it’s a steal, so why not buy a few…maybe even one for YOU too!

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