Thursday, June 12, 2014

In Author Land - There's More Than One Way to Skin a Cat!

Having self-published my most recent fiction, Beginning Anew: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle, and on Smashwords so readers who don't have a Nook or Kindle but want to read the e-book on another device, online or on their tablet, I was surprised when Amazon agreed to a Count Down Deal and dismayed when they changed their mind because the e-book was for sale elsewhere. 

Since I had told friends and tweeted that Beginning Anew would be .99 cents during a promo I'd scheduled instead of its usual $4.99, I needed to make good on my promise. Now that using the Amazon link was out and having this as well as my other 2014 released e-books on Smashwords, I began researching the options they offered. Much to my delight, I discovered that they would let me reduce any books price when I wanted and for as long as I like. And those online booksellers who acquired my book through Smashwords' Premium Catalogue would also reduce the price of my book. 

However, it was an unusual book promo piece about this discounted book tweeted by a friend of mine that lead me to visit Amazon where I discovered that Beginning Anew is now $0.99 cents there as well!

You can download this e-book at: Smashwords & affiliates: Barnes & Noble:

To find out if this is a book you’d enjoy, check out this trailer

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