Saturday, June 7, 2014

Have You Ever Wondered What if .99 cents Could...?

Way back in my previous existence...before I claimed Messiah's atonement, I was already a writer. Like most who do more than dabble, long before God called me to write from Him, I'd filled up a lot of spiral notebooks with my musings. 

Having discovered early on that I usually sound better on paper than I do in person, I found myself writing my feelings. This was eons before I discovered that fiction would give me a canvas where feelings could not only be explored, but where the characters feelings helped the reader understand the depth of their sorrow as well and the height of their joy.

Now that three Naomi fictions have been released, I must admit that when I read these gripping tales, I find myself mesmerized by the stories woven layer upon loving layer, and intertwined with more feelings than even I could have imaged! I would love to take credit for being that good a writer, but the truth is, and I image when some of you read this, you'll think I'm daft, but nevertheless, the truth is that Naomi told me her story. I can take credit for becoming a sort of scribe for her while fulfilling the call God placed upon my heart when I began to write this six book saga in 2007. 

To the question at hand…Have you ever wonder what if? As I have? If you have, you'll understand why after two Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Books, which I had to rely upon my publisher to market, I became an Indie Author and with the help of some dear Christian Indie Author friends, published Beginning Anew: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One myself! Thinking of all I had to do, and how much I had to trust God to see me through, a big wow must follow that last sentence, so "WOW!"

But there's another what if? I have to share with you. What if after all those blessings, and lots of five star reviews, the book wasn't well you know...selling? Yes, everything belongs to God, and He called me to and blessed this work. Yet I kept asking myself, if I hadn't done something? But what more could I do?

Aware that many who haven't read a new authors work will buy it if it's discounted, the first book in The Naomi Chronicles, is .99 cents until June 17th on Smashwords and is available in all e-book  formats!

If you’re wondering what the book's about please listen to the trailer.

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