Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My 5 Star Review of Pebbles and Blessings by Kathy J. Snow

As an author whose had the distinct pleasure of being called a wordsmith so often it has almost become my nom de plume, I must share that from the moment I began my "Pebbles and Blessings" sojourn, my heart spoke to me about not idling for a brief respite of pleasure, for it desired the full measure of titles that ran the gambit from "April Rain", to "Teeter Snow', to "Mask of Doubt" and everything in-between. Where some poets find a cadence that suites them so much so that the flow of words seems to emulate the way they talk, the more gifted and adventurous ones, like this poetess  thrill, in this case I might even suggest trill, as sweet bird-song does to the unseen symphony of lyricalisms that gives the rest of us pause. This was my experience as I read, and so to myself I said, "If you were a poet...but alas I am not. Thank God, Kathy J. Snow is here for her amazing book of nuanced reality has claimed that spot!"

Kathy J Snow

I am delighted to know and call poet, Kathy J. Snow my friend. I have been blessed beyond measure by reading her work. Since Kathy’s desire, which she wrote about, says it best in her poem titled "Encouragement," is to encourage us through her work, here is that poem. Enjoy! 


If I could write a poem would it be yarn or verse.
a little tale of woe or a legend with a curse?
Maybe just a fable with a little myth to tell,
A little rhyme of memories from my heart that knows so well? 

If I could write a poem would I engrave it upon your heart,
The wealth of treasure from my soul to dare would I impart?
Could I etch as in the stone feelings for once to real.
So that every word and rhyme a tinge of sense could feel?

So you see, if I could write a poem it would truly be a gift,
No credit there to take from God for hearts to lift,
Encouragement and cheer to bring a smile through tears,
My prayer is that the verse will touch ones heart for many years.
Kathy J Snow©

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