Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Author, Allison Kohn's 5 Star Review of Beginning Anew

"Each book is better that the one before - and I wouldn't have thought it possible. More than a romance - real love. In one paragraph we read, 'looking at her husband with unrestrained joy, Naomi nodded. "Please do not misunderstand me; I was content to go on as I had. Then you came and turned my life from one of unknown waiting to an accompaniment, where each of us enhances the other. Like a duet, where one takes the major keys and the other takes the minor keys.'" As you read, be still and let your soul sway to the music of their song - the song of love that reflects the music of their hearts.

Paula Rose is God’s gift to His family and this woman’s writing is her gift to us. A gift should never be rejected, especially when it is from God and our sister both.” — Author, Allison Kohn

Below, you’ll see the back matter for Beginning Anew. I posted it because many asked me what this latest book about Naomi’s life and faith journey is about.

Beginning Anew
Naomi and Chaz know that miracles really do happen, for at a friend’s wedding they reaffirmed their love and are Beginning Anew! Yet there are consequences that the couple must face. Will Chaz love and protect his wife? Will Naomi learn to trust Chaz? Find out in the first novel of Paula Rose Michelson’s four-book saga, The Naomi Chronicles.

Previously, in Book 2 of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Naomi’s journey from pain to faith where she dealt with her husband’s rejection of her, and Chaz discovered that secrets were kept from him, and began his own journey of discovery enthralled readers. While their friends planned to use Nicco and Lucinda’s wedding to bring Chaz and Naomi together again, God had His hand on this star-crossed couple. 

Before that, Book 1 of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing let readers experience Naomi’s journey from adolescence to womanhood, from frightened isolation to heiress with a mission, and responsibility many would shirk placed upon her shoulders, and kept them guessing especially when they realized that Naomi guarded two secrets. When Naomi married and fell in love with Chaz, she decided to tell him about herself. Before she could, Lola, a teenager she rescued from immigration, revealed her secrets. Hearing Chaz’s hate-filled words, and seeing many in Spanish Harlem turn away from her, Naomi fled.

Paula Rose Michelson is the wife of Lutheran Pastor, and Chosen People Ministries field Missionary, Ron Michelson. This Messianic author of faith books founded LAMB Ministries, which helps women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of Scripture and prayer. She asked God to give her a unique work, and while praying about the lost tribes of Israel, she believed the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) called her to write about the hidden Jews. She wrote the Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing and The Naomi Chronicles Books because of her heart response to that commission.

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