Saturday, June 9, 2018

4 the Kids Sake!

In the last 20 years America, the only country in the world founded on biblical principles, has become the third largest Christian mission field. Where previous generations took their kids to church many... perhaps most families today, with both parents working, needing the weekend to distress have gotten their kids involved in team sports and decided that since fair play, rules and character are stressed in those places going to church or reading the Bible isn't needed. 

WRONG! Nothing can take the place of the one location where we are asked to place our trust in God and given the opportunity to start a lifelong relationship with Jesus, the savior of our soul. 

The interesting thing is that kids need and respond to Gods love much quicker than most adults do. The seeds of faith planted early in a child's heart help them make good choices. Not so, kids that win a game but don't know the Lord.

Because of the desire of many in our country for each of us to have it all, our youngsters may be shortchanged when we chose what others did for their kids instead of what God's Word tell us to do. 

It's never too late to turn back to your first love, or if you don't know the Lord visit a church to find out why I'm so dead set on writing this. And, yes, I do know that there have been personal and church faith failures. However, God didn't fail, people and organization did!

Don't feel like going to church is your thing? Then get your kids and you some books where they'll experience God at work. 

Don't know where to shop? Check out Amazon online. If you want something fun for your child to read that's faith based, you can check out A Father's Broke Heart: 8-Year-Old Gracie & The Save a Soul Prayer Team at:

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