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This THANKSGIVING Let's Not Sign Up 4 'The Victim Dance'!

As we prepare and look forward to THANKSGIVING where we gather with family & friends to celebrate all that America is, let us pledge to keep it the free land our forefathers intended it to be. Let us call out those who twist our founders words to reshape and change our country into a land whose history is then used to meet their own ends or, worse yet, the ends of those who control them

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Having lived in ‘Writer Land’ for more whiles than a little, I know it’s odd to begin a new piece by saying once more what I said at the end of my previous article and build upon it. However, I must, because ‘The Victim Dance’ we’re in can be defined by the words I ended that piece with, which said, when ‘We the People’ don’t hold others accountable for the decisions they’ve made for us, especially by those who govern and chose by personal fiat to implement new laws that radically change the country we live in, and thereby affect every aspect of our lives now and forevermore and when called to account shine us on while continuing this wilful behavior by making more laws that go against the precepts America was founded upon. We find ourselves dancing with a partner, i.e., our elected representatives who no longer represents us, and thus find ourselves dancing ‘The Victim Dance’, so using the end to begin this beginning in the most mixed up America I never thought to see is most apropos.

Though we may long to find another partner, this is the one we voted into office so we’re stuck. Like the abused women, I’ve mentored for years, ‘We the People’ want to pretend that we like our life this way ’cause, “Hey, we must deserve a gov., where those who legislate and the Pres., tell us everything will continue to cost more, while they’re busy letting illegals in our country’s proverbial backdoor, and when we muster up the courage to call them on it, as in account for what they’ve done, we see that there’s no accountability as they silence us with, “Hey, it’s A-Okay!” But it isn’t! It isn’t okay that at every twist and turn, our ability to be in charge of our personal choices and our nation’s destiny is thwarted, and that the very people who should care are for want of a better word NOT there!

Oh, that we could continue to pretend that our partner, you know the guy or gal that we elected, gives a fig about what we think, but they don’t ’cause in ‘Codependent Land’ they know they’ve got the upper hand, for they’ve discovered that all they have to do is change the subject by offering us something we want, and when we buy in ‘The Victim Dance’ will begin again.

Think I’m wrong? Well let’s see…how about this, we know that everyone has to pay the piper to dance, right? Sure! Well, until now when we went to a dance, we could have asked that they play our favorite tune. However, today that’s considered more than rude by those in power who are usurping more of it hour by hour!

So let’s see where they got this ‘tude… it might seem like I’m taking you to ‘Kiddy Land’ so you can grasp this cycle of abuse, but since you’re now used to putting your thinker on snooze, please do that for me while I explain why Doctor Dolittle’s ‘Pushmi-Pullyu’, which you might better recall as the ‘Push-Me—Pull-You’ fits in. See what happens when we don’t know what’s being said, or the words that we hear don’t mean what they did…just a few moments ago when we did…know? Like this two bodied llama of ‘Push-Me—Pull-You’ fame, one might assume that they, and we, like this made-up beast, are joined at the head, neck, or feet. But that’s wrong, we, like our fictional friend here, at least the ‘We’, that’s in control of the gov., are joined in such a way that all feet faced, front making it impossible for us or the llama to move unless all parts agree.

While we’re stuck, who steps in but the Pres. and his honchos ready to claim victory over seasoned advisors, seniority, morality, the silent majority and just like the beasty of literary fame, we might silently wish that we had a different name, ’cause if we’ve made a disparaging remark, we suddenly feel it might be wise to stay home after dark, ’cause since Ambassador Steven’s got his, if we bite the big one who’s going to give a fig in this new America shaped by a man who claimed, “Yes we can,” while we were busy setting in motion things that would make the words he spoke the very opposite of what ‘We the People’ knew them to mean. 

Now for those few who know what’s, what this is a hard pill…almost too hard to swallow especially when just a short time ago we were…but now like that Llama of literary fame, our yesterdays and our tomorrows are not ours to claim. If there are any in the Congress that are bold enough to go where fear must be extinguished before they open the door, please do, because without you, we’ll be no better than any other animal trapped in the mire of its own poo who wish…someone ethical would take the lead.

You might think that using this example proves that I’ve completely missed the point. But have I? I think not! For this neither we nor this fictional beastie can move at all unless both ends agree. For us it’s the Congress, Supreme Court, and the Pres., for the ‘Push-Me—Pull-You’ it’s the story he’s trapped in. How apropos, for though this is a made-up character living in a fiction, it’s no more a fiction than our current reality is…at least that’s what we’re hearing is real. Therefore, here I must say that I fear for each branch of our gov., which is the government that I NOW fear.

Fear! You may be thinking that I’m mad, and that, I must say is another way of deferring a reality that you may not wish to think about today. In fact, fear and reading or listening to only those who agree with your take on things is one of the reasons we’re in the fix ‘cause while you were doing that the very country where the slogan “Have it your way” was coined has now run amuck, and using this idiom that many may not know will most likely cause some that have too many social networking gigs and friends to care, take it on the lamb, so let me say here, and I hope this gives you pause, Obama is seriously thinking of giving the internet, another  American invention of fame to the Chinese…think I’m wrong? Type ‘Obama to give away internet’ into the open bar in the center of your search screen and you’ll see that it’s true. Think this is only one incident? Nope! It’s NOT! Type in ‘Obama sells NASA to Russia’ and you’ll see The Weekly World News article written by Tap Vann in.  Scroll down towards the bottom and you’ll read, “Obama said, “Putin promised me that he would take good care of our NASA employees and I trust him. I have no reason not to trust him.” Really? When did we give this or any other Pres. the right to see…ops, sell what we need to keep our country strong?

Think I’ve missed the point because the NASA info didn’t keep us safe…think again! Space, that ‘final frontier’ and the ability for us to go there, is now owned by the very people who just invaded and overtook the Ukraine. Having previously given, not sold, NASA to Russia, they surmised, and evidentially rightly so, that we would let them invade a sovereign country and overtake it without any national reprisals from the USA. So who’s going to listen to us or care? No one, that’s who!

That’s exactly where the abuser in ‘The Victim Dance’ wants us to be…so that ‘Victim’ finally understand that we are not free and Never will be!

There’s still time to reverse this course! But doing this won’t be easy. Think I’m kidding, ask those in Ukraine, who like ‘us’ we seem to have become, were easily undone by their own ‘Push-Me—Pull-Yous’ from within.
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About Paula Rose Michelson
The wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Ministries field missionary, Ron Michelson, while a Church Ministries Coordinator for the mission her husband continues to serve in, Paula Rose Michelson asked God to gift her something unique to do. Little did she know that hearing David Hocking speak about Zion being both the land of Eretz Yisrael (Israel) and the Jewish people would lead her to research what befell the Spanish Jews (Sephardic) before, during and after the Inquisition. Beginning to write, word spread and some Sephardim contacted her to offer their stories. However, Naomi had already begun telling this dyslectic artist about her life, which is now a six volume romantic inspirational faith saga.

Other books - both fiction and nonfiction followed - but at her core, Paula's desire to faithfully depict Gods love, compassion, and forgiveness are the reason she continues to write. And having founded LAMB Ministries in 1988, Paula knows that the biblical tools God taught her, which she faithfully passes on to women suffering from trauma and abuse are needed by all, so she includes a few within the pages of each book.
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