Monday, August 11, 2014

My 5 Star Review of "Genesis: Book of Beginnings" by Russell Sherrard

An Expository of the First Rank
If you are looking for an expository of the first rank for the book of Genesis, author Russell Sherrard’s book is the one I’d recommend. For the author has proven his mettle by taking the reader by the hand to show them the gems within this foundational tome of faith which all other books of the Bible are built upon and reference.

This authors work is a unique blessing for few today are able to experience as I did when a new believer in Messiah (Christ), the amazing reality of God’s Word when explored word by word, and sentence by sentence as my first Pastor, Jim Hurt taught and preached.

Both as the wife of Pastor and Chosen People Field Missionary, Ron Michelson, and as one who writes, teaches, and speaks to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission, and heal those that have been abused, this is a book I highly recommend to those searching for answers, those who are new to the faith and desire to know more, and those who need, or want biblically sound teaching.

I know once you read/study this book, you, like me, will be anxiously awaiting the next one, and between now and then may reread those passages that informed, challenged, and changed hitherto misinformed ideas about biblical teachings.

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About the Author
Image of Russell Sherrard
Russell Sherrard was born in Ruston, Louisiana, near Shreveport. He growing up most of his life growing up years was spent in Greenville, South Carolina. After graduating high school, he attended college in Pasadena, California, home of the Rose Bowl parade and game. He met his wife Betty there and they have been married for 42 years. This happy couple has three adult daughters. The family lives in Sacramento, California.  

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