Wednesday, August 16, 2017

#99cents! Release today! LAMB Ministries 2nd Christian Self-help book "Why Did We Blame?"

Stopping the Blame Game sets, YOU free! Pastor Jim Hughes 5-Star review said, "This solid Biblical advice is sure to help many.”

Shedding light on how blame abusers trap and control their victims, author Paula Rose Michelson gets to the core of the blame issue, which traps many in the vicious downward cycle of abuse. Hailed as ‘one of the best resources anyone could find because it is based on God’s Word,’ within the author offers wise advice, personal anecdote, gentle humor, and some Bible quotes. Through simple journaling directions, the author helps the reader see their situation as one shared by others, and leads them into a place where personal recovery based upon God’s Word can occur.

PASTORAL REVIEW: “What does a person do when he becomes a victim to someone's abuse? Paula Rose Michelson has a plan that works if you are willing to work the plan. She gives solid Biblical advice that is sure to help many who fall into the category of the abused. Do not despair; there is hope. Let Paula help you climb your way out or perhaps help others climb out of abusive relationships.” – Pastor Jim Hughes is the author of Before and After the Honeymoon, a companion study guide and devotionals.

The LAMB Ministries Self-help books were written to be read one after the other. However, each book is a stand-alone and can be read independently of each other. For the best reading experience, we suggest reading them in order: 
Book #1: How Did We Become Angry? 
Book #2: Why Did We Blame? 
Soon to release, Book #3: What is the Shame Game?


Having the Lord lead me to found LAMB Ministries in 1988, I realized after the publication of several of Naomi books, that she is a fictional prototype of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of traumatized and abused women I've been blessed to mentor since believing in Yeshua (Jesus). Thought I studied to be a Chemical Dependency - Lifestyle Disorder Counselor who was offered a job at the psychiatric hospital I interned at before I completed my courses, I believe it was God's perfect timing to uproot our family and have me meet people who dearly loved the Lord.

Having asked Jesus to forgive me and made Him the Lord of my life before we moved, I attended church at a friend's invitation. Since my daughter, who was also a believer,liked the church, we decided to go there. My friend suggested I speak with Pastor Hurt. I meet with him and discovered I had a testimony! I asked him what Bible he used. On the way home I bought three; for my daughter, me, and my yet unbelieving husband. Within a week, I'd read the entire NIV Bible footnotes and all.

The following Sunday my daughter and I went early so we could attend Bible study. I attended a women's Bible study. When it was time for prayer, one woman shared that a lady friend of hers was a 'white knuckle alcoholic'. I told her about my studies and offered to give her a book once unpacked. Later that day, I got a phone call and agreed to meet with the woman. A month later, ten women had sought me out. LAMB Ministries was born when Pastor Hurt appointed me the head of Women's Lay-Counseling for our church. Each LAMB Ministry book is a short foundational teaching taken from this in-depth year long course.

                 God's Word & prayer healed me. Sharing what I learned helps others! 

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