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❤️The Naomi Chronicles ❤️ in ❤️ Paperback ❤️in time for ❤️ Christmas Gifting ❤️

Now in Paperback!
️ For Christmas Gift & Enjoy Love

5Stars for the Naomi Chronicles! “Written with love, bathed in Scripture, this heartbreaking, inspiring, and spiritually riveting read left me speechless, breathless and profoundly altered in my beliefs about God's love."

5Stars! There Really Was NO OTHER CHOICE! “When Naomi, 15, ran away from
home and fled to America in 1952, she had NO OTHER CHOICE! Her Jewish ancestry was written on her face and she lived in Spain where Jews were imprisoned, tortured, and killed. She wanted to save her family from that fate. She hoped that when she reached America, her uncle would help her and then send for the rest of her family. But when she landed on Ellis Island, she was without a sponsor and would be deported. Enter Tia who handcuffed the girl and took her home with her. Tia told Naomi that if she worked for her until age 20, she would be given her freedom, $500, and papers to allow her to stay in the U.S. Naomi agreed. She had NO OTHER CHOICE!
She kept her Jewish roots hidden in Spanish Harlem. If her secret was revealed, she would be ousted. She had NO OTHER CHOICE!   
The bright promised-filled year of her 20th birthday finally arrived. Just as Naomi prepared to leave, Tia suffered a stroke and needed constant care. Naomi’s faith had written in her heart one law above all others: she must be a blessing. She stayed to help Tia. She had NO OTHER CHOICE!
Tia trained Naomi to take over the job of helping young girls who arrived in the U.S. without sponsors. She died before Naomi’s training was completed. Naomi never planned to marry; she was married to her work. Then she met Chaz and fell in love. They married. She had NO OTHER CHOICE!
But a scheming young girl Naomi attempted to help wanted more than American citizenship. She wanted Chaz. Naomi did the only thing she could…she had NO OTHER CHOICE!
“’NO OTHER CHOICE’ Choice is well written with strong, believable characters and highlights an era of little known and understood history. The Spanish Inquisition began and remained in effect until 1992. Jews were forced to leave Spain before March 31, 1992, or become a Catholic convert. Jews learned to hide who their identity to survive. Like Naomi, they had NO OTHER CHOICE!" Author, Stephanie Parker McKean

5Stars for CHOOSING to BE! “Will the love Chaz & Naomi long for ever be theirs
This unfortunate couple is in God’s hands and without HIS help nothing can mend their depravity. Bitterness has taken up residence between this couple.; their souls are filled with yearning, deceit, craving, and yet a thirst for one another. Make sure you get this book and read it to find out how a bride flees as an alternative of confronting the consequences of her exposed mysteries.

A story crafted from biblical principles, ‘Choosing to Be” is a tale with purpose, to guild its reader to knowing Jesus Christ as their savior, or to bless those who already have a relationship with HIM. This is the 2nd book I’ve read of the very talented author ‘Paula Rose Michelson’ the 1st was ‘No Other Choice’. I’ve found both books very inspirational and well written. They are a breath of fresh air that will take you away, even for a short while, from the whirlwind and grind of daily life. Author - Victoria Simcox

5Stars for BEGINNING ANEW!” What a wonderful book by the talented Paula Rose
Michelson. She gives great depth to all the characters in this well-written poetic story that draws the reader in. After a painful separation, Naomi and Chaz both set their minds to starting over and 'begin anew' in their yet-to-be consummated marriage. With a faithful God, and being blessed with the love they have for each other - as many secrets unfold, the two must now learn to respect, and be honest with one another as they grow in love.
     Some of my favorite lines from the story:
     "When hearts beat as one like yours and mine, in time we come to understand each other's secret yearnings."
     "And what is my secret yearning?"

     "That we be happy--"
I highly recommended! Get your copy today, you'll be glad you did--it's an emotional story that many readers of all ages will be able to relate to; it will inspire you, educate you and keep you turning pages until the very end-- waiting for the next book to come out by this amazing writer, Ms. Michelson.” Author - J L. Mitchell

Author Paula Rose Michelson is married to Lutheran Pastor & Chosen People Ministries Field Missionary Ron Michelson. This happy couple have two married daughters and seven grandchildren. Paula loves to read novels where the woman became a hero for her families’ sake. Thus, this is known for writing Christian Inspirational Fiction with a Messianic twist and a hint of history, Thrillers, Nonfiction, Self-help, and Works to Encourage. Her books are available on Amazon & at other online booksellers. To find out more about this author, visit her Amazon Author page at:

If you would like Paula to speak at your Church, Women’s Ministry event, Retreat, Recovery or Writers Group leave a message after this post with your name and email address. 

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