Saturday, October 29, 2016


Angelica: You Have Chosen Well (Part One) by [Bejarano, Aimée Marie]
A Unique Love Story of Sacrifice & Devotion
The parallels between Angelica and author Aimeé Marie Bejarano are amazing for both have a singular focus in life - to follow close to their Messiah! For Angelica, this began when she - the innkeepers’ daughter - was born at the same time Jesus was and because her mother died giving birth to her - was suckled at Mary's breast once Jesus was feed and laid in the manger. Aimée's calling out by the Lord to write this book took her to seminary to study so she could do as asked by God.

Within the pages of this unique work you will meet a young woman who gifts her life to God knowing that this life is a foreshadow of eternity with the Beloved that awaits her. And as you read each page you will experience the amazing love the author of this work has for her Messiah and in so doing be drawn closer to Him yourself!
Meet Author Aimée Marie Bejarano
Aimée Marie Bejarano

Aimée began writing at the age of 16 when home schooled. A simple creative writing assignment turned into a book.

Now a ordained Reverend, this multi-talented woman writes Christian YA Author of inspirational, historical fiction, paranormal, science fiction and urban fantasy novels. She's a country girl living in the great state of Texas. Aimée's a musician and has worked with the youth for years. When she isn't writing, she enjoys cooking, and gardening. Her inspiration comes from the Lord. She enjoys delving into good books, movies and things of the supernatural and paranormal enlightening people to what God's word says on the controversial subjects. On cool evenings, she loves taking leisure walks and adores thunderstorms. Writing is not only a calling but a means to get away into the world of imagination. Aimée loves working with and ministering to the youth. She is also, passionate about personal prayer and welcomes prayer requests.
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