Friday, January 1, 2016

No longer "A Person Doing" I'm the "Human Being" God Created me 2 Be!

I spent the last 9 years writing. I’ve been mostly offline for 6 months due to Rotator Cuff Surgery on my right should and the physical therapy needed to regain my range of motion. During this time, I assessed my life. I realized working at home feed into my belief that when Naomi was sharing her story all else took a back seat. Most days, between writing, editing, and social networking, I was on the computer 9 to 10 hours unless it was Sunday. Most of the other times I was offline were because Ron & I had other ministry obligations since he’s a pastor & missionary. Looking back, I admit that my life – the full life I loved – including time aside from ministry with Ron, took a back seat.  

Years ago, I shared what was happening with some author friends and discovered they were in the same situation. So, why did it bother me now when it hadn’t before? My answer may shock those who’ve been called by God to write, as I was, and love it as I do.

God showed me that I’d became ‘A Person Doing’, rather than the ‘Human Being’ He created me to be. Writers who are passionate about their calling, as I am, can, as I did fall into the, “This is the most important thing I do,” mindset. If you begin to think like this you can become so focused on what you’re writing that you may not realize you’re surrendering your life to your characters.

God didn’t intend for this to happen. Yet, passionate believers don’t realize what their stepping away from. So, today I’m sharing My 2016 To Do List of Deletions & Additions & hope that reading it will help you chose to organize your life so it continues to be as it was before God called you to write for Him. 

You'll notice that the first three items on my ‘To Do List’, set up time limits. Adhering to them will give me the time needed to do the other things on my list. Aware that changing isn't easy, I printed out and posted this list where I’ll see it to remind myself that I want to live a full life – the life God created me to experience.

                 My 2016 To Do List of Deletions & Additions

1.      2 to 3 hours writing or editing daily
2.      1 hour Facebook daily
3.      1 hour Twitter daily
4.      Cook with or for Ron
5.      Go one walks with Ron
6.      Learn to do visitations
7.      Join Choir

I believe God will bless my writing in ways I cannot imagine because I honored Him by choosing to be the 'Human Being' He created me to be! For Deuteronomy 6:5 says we are to Love the Lord with all our heat with all our soul and with all our strength. Thus putting our characters desire to share their story into its proper place, as well as our desire to let others know where they can find the work God called us to, allows us to honor & love God fully, without distraction.  


  1. I was going to add prayer time but after thinking about it I realized we are suppose to "pray as you go". For me, that means a constant conversation with the Lord and not a designated scheduled time. I do have a time where I get on Guideposts and pray for others though. The main thing is to take time for yourself.

    1. Becky,

      Prayer is foundational, as is reading God's Word, Bible study and reading devotionals, or listening to music that draw us closer to God. These are things we do automatically.

      My 2016 To Do List is about spending less time online, so I can do things I let slip, or add things that matter to me.

      If you're going to ask God to examine your life, I believe you'll discover things amiss in areas where you knew you'd not been as involved as you were before. He might remind you, as He did me, of things I wanted to do, or groups I wanted to join.

      But I certainly do agree with you, we who write for God pray without ceasing as we work.

      May God bless your work and you as you write to fulfill the call He placed upon your heart.

    2. Becky,

      When I thought about your comment, I realized I needed to amend the title of my list to: My 2016 To Do List of Deletions & Additions.

      I'm very grateful to you, for without your comment, I would never have realized that some reading that list might supposed it was my complete list.

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