Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Cup of Tea a Friend and Me

I wrote the poem posted below in the 90's when a friend asked me to speak at a party - sales event to announce that she'd become a Longaberger rep. She wanted to use this event to share what mattered to her, so she asked me to share something encouraging. Since we'd gotten to know each other while attending a women's Wednesday Bible study followed by lunching with some of those dears, I knew the message would be about us and God, but she left the details to me.  After writing this poem, I shared it with her. Only then did I discover that God had gifted me what she needed. 

Today seems light years away from those precious days. Today it seems many are happy to receive until the one giving becomes needy. These times seem different. Yet, our Lord is the same today, yesterday, tomorrow & forever. As you read what God gifted me, please ask Him to show you what kind of friend you need and what kind of friend you are. For many on Social Media, you may be the only 'friend' they have who knows the 'Lover of their Soul'.

A Cup of Tea a Friend and Me
Today I listened with my heart, to a friend’s deep pain.
I hugged her as she cried, knowing her weeping would become her gain.
Today I spent time with one of Gods precious ones,
Drank deep her special needs, while I tried to emulate your son,
The man of heavily deeds.

I boiled the water,
Steeped the tea.
Then entered into a time honored ritual of serving her,
Then me.
Her first, for she was my guest, then I.

Warm soothing liquid in a cherished cup poured out.
Would there be time to explore what this visit was really about?
I sat with my friend as we sipped our cup of tea,
Which wrapped us in warmth on this chilling day,
Allowing us to stop and wonder anew about your thoughtful way.

For you, Oh Lord, sustain us no matter the personal cost to You.
You continue to enrich our lives with friends both old and new.
Every time I share my ritual cup of tea with a friend in Christ,
I realize how wonderful you are.
How you have fashioned my life into something very nice.

So as I stand at the kitchen sink washing up the cups,
I want you Lord to know that you have truly filled me up.
Filled me with love and joy, and, oh yes, with one thing more,
A longing to be your woman on earth,
To teach others hearts to soar.

For each heart that I can reach through a simple act of love,
Like listening, praying, and asking from guidance from above,
Reminds me that the only thing that can sustain my friend and me,
 Around our cup of friendship tea,
Is an affirmation that all good things come from thee!
Copyright Paula Rose Michelson 2000