Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reviewing We Will Go, by Paula Rose Michelson

For the first time since paper and ink became available to all, writers and published authors have the ability to shape public opinion about their work. Many might think this a blessing, but some, like me, are reticent to believe that our thoughts and assumptions are the universal norm, and shy away from categorizing a work. I mention this because having discovered that a review for Book 2 of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing was posted under Book 1; I've had to think about this lately. 

I know that relevance, beauty, and articulation are in the eye of the beholder making each action and reaction their unique footprint which no one else can duplicate. And that’s the way God planned it, and that each believer brings their very best to God. Sometimes while reading reviews of books I think I might like to read, I find the authors work criticized by those who would never chose to leave the path most taken.  And that’s alright too. What isn’t alright is someone who writes a review that adds elements to the story or categorizes a character in a way not written about in the novel. This is where I draw the line! This is the dividing point between; you didn’t like the read, and writing a review to damage the work and its message.

Of course all of us love to get or read five star reviews, but I’m not writing about that! I am writing about people who while reading a work make up their mind within the first page or two that the story has no merit and continue reading to prove they are right. Those individuals, and I know a few, are eager to say that there are grammatical errors. Whenever I hear that comment, I remind myself that there is a huge difference to letting the character tell the story rather than the author forcing a character to act as prescribed by any set form of sentence structure or grammatical rules.

Therefore, my advice to you is that you read and/or write enthralling stories that captivate you, and  take you away to an altogether different place where you experience something you cannot put down until you finish the read.

Here are my recent 5 star reviews, which you'll find posted on Amazon. Each of these “Paula Pix’s Books” took me on a journey I will never forget. Enjoy!

While reading “Sugar’s Dance,” I laughed, cried, and loved this book because it shows that family is about heart-ties and the one you love is your home!

"After Forever Ends" gets a 5* review from me! An unforgettable story written with great love!

“Anessias Quest” is an amazing read! I believe this was written so we could realize that God uses broken people who know Him to help others. ebook/dp/B004MPRA52/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1365983891&sr=8-1

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