Thursday, March 28, 2013

Looking back, Letting Go—Moving Forward! by Paula Rose

I had not planned to post another blog this week simply because I told myself that once a week was enough. “After all,” I cautioned, “who’d want to read… or even find enough time if they did, to drop by more than once a week?” Yet the events that led up to my decision to irradiate my website as in “it’s not there and will never arise like that mythical bird did from the ashes,’ made this posting a must!

So one might ask, “If you set up a website and used it for several years why delete it?” Since this is a good question, I’ll share that, I never set up my website! The site and management thereof was gifted me by wonderful friend who offered to do this the day I told him, I’d signed a book contract with a publisher. While at lunch, he asked some questions and came back a week later with everything! That’s right! I was blessed and knew it! However, I had no idea how much time this blessing would require of me. But I soon discovered that I needed to write and keep writing to refresh the site so readers and those searching for methe authorcould find me. Suddenly the number of ‘hits’ seemed to matter, so I found myself checking in case my friend would ask what was going on. I was grateful, and delighted to have friend who cared about my work!

This bliss continued until the release of my second book. I say that because since then the site’s been hacked three times. I believe the first time the hacker was just trying to see if he could get in! The second time material I’d written was lifted and my site manager told me he found it for sale on the internet! All of this I dealt  with and then….the preverbal ‘other shoe’ dropped when I discovered the site had been suspended because the hacker returned and left so much infected matter that it wasn’t safe for anyone to visit!

As the wife of Messianic Missionary, Ron Michelson, I’d been privileged to serve within Chosen People Ministries and knew this could happen because of anti-missionary activity. Yet it never occurred to me that I’d be targeted! But that does seem to be what happened!

Yet I am not crying out, “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” as Yeshua did while hanging on the cross. He spoke these words from Psalm 22:1 to tell the people that he, The Messiah was there! In other words, God—the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whom he renamed Israel—He who made everything and holds it together by the power of HIS WORD IS FAITHFUL! Today, I chose to walk in the knowledge that, he who began a good work in me is more than able to complete it!  My prayer is that you know, or will come to know the amazing reality of placing your trust and life in the one who died that you might live FOREVER!  

Paula Rose Michelson is the author of the Casa Saga Books.
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